Ruby Hits the Big Apple – Our Westminster Journey

Last fall I was surprised that Ruby had amassed enough OTCH points (in a month and a half!) to be invited to participate in the Westminster Kennel Club’s Masters Obedience show. When my sister – who lives in Westchester and is a pro at navigating NYC – said “do it”, I entered! Next challenge – come up with a “theme”. Enter friend Lee, who suggested Wizard of Oz (get it – Ruby Slippers)! Great idea, lots of props! Who knew we’d be one of THREE Oz-themed routines! Too funny! Apparently Oz was the Theme du Jour this year!

But first I needed to focus on upcoming shows. We really started thinking about a freestyle routine over the holidays and started working on it after Ruby finished her OTCH on Jan 7. So in just over a month, Ruby and I – with the help of my training friends both near and far – put together our freestyle routine. My goal was SUPER cute, something the audience would enjoy. Nailed it!

Many thanks to the Westminster KC for hosting obedience, to the AKC, stewards and reps and to judge John Cox (wearing a tux, how special is that!). Congratulations to all who participated, it was inspiring and fun to watch your dogs compete.

I’m so lucky to have the BEST, most supportive family – my sister took the day off to drive us in and spend the day, my brother-in-law drove us in on Sunday for setup and then took time off of work to come watch and my wonderful nieces both took time off from their busy jobs in Manhattan to come and cheer us on!!!

Ruby and I are so fortunate to have the best friend, assistant, lion wrangler and flying monkey flinger! Gail, the adventure was so much better because we did it together.

Ruby-roooo I am SO proud of you!!! A year ago at this time you didn’t have a CD – look how far you’ve come! It wasn’t possible for me to prepare Ruby for the crazy atmosphere of Westminster – huge, loud crowds, cameras in her face… and where to potty?! Ruby was visibly nervous in Round 1 – lots of lip-licking, panting and foot shifting. I felt a pang of guilt for not preparing her for this… Yet somehow my little rockstar held it together and put down a solid Round 1 performance. Then she truly came alive in the freestyle round. She did everything I asked of her… and then some! (R.I.P. Flying Monkey!)

We placed 2nd! To be 1st runner-up behind the amazing team of Linda & Heart, who have won this 3 years in a row, and ahead of so many amazing teams is such a huge accomplishment. I am thrilled and beyond proud of Ruby – she’s a superstar!!!


  1. Wow, that is quite a story and so special from start to finish! You should be proud of your girl and yourself! 🤩😍🤗

  2. What a great job you and Ruby did! But most of all, the two of you had fun; you didn’t take yourselves so seriously that it interfered with your joy in working together, but you were focused and showed us what true teamwork looks like.

  3. Huge congratulations to Jane & Ruby. I’m so happy for you & your huge accomplishment. I know how much you put into your work with your dogs & so I know you are very deserving of this recognition. I’ll always remember precious baby Ruby back when I lived in NY & had the privilege of training with you. I knew early on that you two were destined for greatness. Best wishes for many more more conquests in the future!

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