Ruby’s Drop On Recall – a work in progress

A winter project of mine was to work on Ruby’s Drop On Recall (DOR) exercise.
Ruby was unsure about when to drop and she didn’t know how to combine her fast recall with a fast drop. Her stationary drop was good but I wanted her a bit more reactive and less tentative. Ruby’s recall is super so she needs a nice snappy drop to match!

I had taught Ruby to back up behind a stick, but once we added movement, my timing was off. So I had to re-visit her backup behind the stick. Then added movement using a cookie toss game. And then distance.

Finally I added 2 more sticks, so that Ruby learned that the stick isn’t the cue to drop – the cue comes from me!

I’m loving how Ruby’s DOR is progressing – I think it’ll be brilliant, just like her!