Safety first… and platform construction

I’m glad people enjoyed my Winter Fun Day blog post! But… years of time spent with physical therapists (for both me and my dogs) has sharpened my eyes to potential safety concerns.

So you should know that I ran the girls around our plowed driveway a bit so they could warm up their muscles before heading to the fields. I’ve learned from past dogs who’ve strained muscles when leaping through deep snow, so I limited their snow play. We quit while they still had plenty of energy – tired dogs tend to injure themselves.

Once inside, notice that when I released each girl for her toy (I release them on their names), their platforms flew backwards – another potential source of injury. Once I realized what was happening, I moved the gates and pushed the platforms against the wall. My outdoor platform for field/agility is a much heavier wooden model that doesn’t budge.

For those wondering where to get those spiffy platforms, they’re easy to make:


  • 1″ solid foam insulation (can use the thicker stuff if you want a taller platform but the 1″ is easy to cut)
  • yoga mat (I get inexpensive ones from close-out stores)
  • construction adhesive
  • duct tape

Cut the insulation to the dimensions you would like, cut the mats to fit top and bottom and glue them on with the adhesive. Once dry, secure the sides with duct tape.

Have fun playing/training with your dogs!



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