Training Ruby – 10 weeks old

In this video, Ruby is 10 weeks old. She learned this trick – paw wave – in one session (little genius). I probably didn’t need the intermediary step with the stick – Ru has raccoon paws, they’re always waving! She’s growing fast – 10lbs at 7 weeks, 12lbs at 9 weeks, over 13lbs at 10 weeks.

I’m learning a lot about videotaping and blogging. For example, don’t wear a black jacket when training a tiny black puppy if you want the puppy to show up in the video!


  1. I copied the link in your tag and pasted it into my browser and that works. clicking on it just reloaded the blog entry. IDK why that is. Maybe you could insert the video into the entry like you did on your first two entries. Cute pup BTW

  2. this isn’t working – says nothing found — is anyone else having that problem, or am I doing something wrong?!

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