Training Ruby – 11 weeks old, Feb 7 2014

Phrase for this week: Impulse Control!

What? Impulse control at 11 weeks? Usually at this age I’m working on building drive and motivation. Which I am! But… it helps to know your pup. I have her aunt (OTCH MACH Nell MH QAA – plenty of drive there!). I’ve trained with her mom (FC Fergie) and the pups from Fergie’s first litter. Lots of drive. So I’m getting a jump on impulse control.

I started impulse control at 8 weeks of age with Ruby’s meals, shaping a wait before she’s released to her bowl. The first video shows how this has developed into a lovely sit with eye contact before she’s released to her meal. I’m trying some classical conditioning by running the nail grinder during her meals.

This next video is our week 11 training session back on Feb 7 (yes I’m almost a month behind…). Enjoy!

Training Ruby – 10 weeks old

In this video, Ruby is 10 weeks old. She learned this trick – paw wave – in one session (little genius). I probably didn’t need the intermediary step with the stick – Ru has raccoon paws, they’re always waving! She’s growing fast – 10lbs at 7 weeks, 12lbs at 9 weeks, over 13lbs at 10 weeks.

I’m learning a lot about videotaping and blogging. For example, don’t wear a black jacket when training a tiny black puppy if you want the puppy to show up in the video!

Learning to Blog

Is blog a verb? Hmmm well now it is – and I’m learning how to do it!

My goal with this blog is to create a record of my Lab puppy’s training journey, through posts and videos.

First post – Ruby (Renegade’s Black Eyed Pea)was 8 weeks old  when I videotaped a training session. At this point I’d had Ruby less than a week and we were just getting to know each other. I focus on teaching tricks so I can see how my puppy likes to learn and play around with different approaches. Is she a thinker or does she react? Does she need more drive and motivation or more impulse control? What do you think?!